interior design led by you


Gloss Interiors offer all aspects of interior design with a unique ‘led by you’ approach. We feel passionately about making your home a beautiful, bespoke and functional space, unique to you and your family.  

Interior Design FAQs

What is the typical process for working with an interior designer?

The process may vary, but generally, it includes an initial consultation, project assessment, concept development, design planning, material selection, implementation, and finalization. As your designer, we keep you informed and involved throughout each stage.

What is the cost of hiring an interior designer?

The cost of your interior design project may vary based on factors like the scope of the project, location, and the level of customization required. We can tweak and tailor your interiors project to suit your budget.

Can we work within your budget?

As skilled interior designers, we can work within a wide range of budgets by making cost-effective choices, prioritizing key areas, and sourcing materials and furnishings that align with your financial constraints.