BN Wallcoverings – Raw Materials Wallpaper

We’re all really excited to have finally received the new Raw Materials wallpaper book, the latest addition to the BN Wallcoverings collection. After seeing it in its initial concept we knew it was going to be a great addition to our existing range.

BN Wallcoverings have firmly established themselves as one of the top players within the commercial industry, producing quality wallcoverings for all the major hotel groups and luxury boutiques. In 2012 they took it upon themselves to widen the field and have introduced collections now available to the residential market. Offering affordable luxury papers to the fashion conscious home lover.

Polished silver plates on the wall and rough beamed ceilings. A harmonious blend of unfinished man-made materials combined with natural resources. Deep tones and metallic finishes. Urban styles in a mix or raw and soft. Eclectic, fun, crazy. But always sophisticated.

Concrete wood and metal structures are mixed with rustic textiles. With contrast comes balance. Open, industrial spaces with large windows deserve walls that are made with passion. Raw Matters: Intense walls for impressive living.

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