We love this time of year at Gloss interiors, the countdown
to Christmas has begun and everyone starts getting that cosy festive feeling as
the nights draw in.

The run up to Christmas is always busy, especially in our
line of interior design work. Everyone wants to get their houses feeling like a home in time to
host friends and family for the festive break. But how can we make it less stressful?

The Danes have had this relaxed approach figured out for a long time and a word you will start to see everywhere is ‘hygge’. This is a Danish word with no direct
translation and is all about a more relaxed lifestyle and creating a nice warm and cosy atmosphere to enjoy life’s’
simple pleasures with friends and family. Perfect!

So here are our top tips to make your home and your festive
season more hygge!

1. Light a candle – We all know how romatic and relaxing that theraputic flicker can be. Forest Candle £8.50








2. Snuggle under a Blanket. Make sure you have an abundance of snuggly throws and blankets to cosy under with your hot chocolate. Blanket £46.00









3. Enjoy a drink with friends. Hygge is about enjoying lifes little pleasures and being sociable. So have that glass of wine with friends. Set of 4 Glasses £29.00









4. Eat Well. Have hearty healthy warming food. Vegetable stews and fruit crumbles. Have a biscuit with your cup of tea.

5. Bring the Outside.. In! Collect pinecones, twigs and holly. Bring a bit of nature into your home, Arrange in a vase or around a candle? Grab some holly and make a wreath for your door! Large Berry LED Bauble £7.50










Feel free to contact gloss interiors if you need any help or interior design advice when getting your home ready for Christmas!