Upcycling Dark Furniture

There is nothing better than stepping back and looking at your finished work.

This is a recent project we’ve been working on with our client Ros, helping her create a feeling of light opulence and rustic grandeur in her Leicestershire home.

Ros, like many of the people we work with, had already collected many quality pieces for her home. Although she still loves them, she felt they’d dated due to their heavy and dark appearance.

Struggling to find alternative pieces to replace them we stepped in and transformed them. Helping to create that long sought after look she hoped to achieve.

Using our Grand Illusion’s Vintage Paint palette, inspired by the classical 18 th Century Nordic French period, we chose Colour 13 Pastille as a base. Pastille has a gorgeous warmth to it, yet light enough to feel fresh and inviting. Aging the finished look with our dark wax.

Once in position, we added to the look with some of our more opulent accessories.

If you have pieces that could benefit from a well-earned facelift, or like more information on our paint or painting courses contact us today and one of the team will be in touch.